Adenrele Adesina

Executive Pastor - Marketplace Transformation

Best part of your job:

Living in the hope of a transformed nation and the empowerment of His people and partnering with God to earth it.


Traveling, Cooking & Hosting, Reading and Design, especially fashion and lifestyle!

Best movie of all time:

Too many! Cry Freedom, The Pianist...

Favourite quote and by whom:

‘There is only one hero in the story and His name is Jesus’ - Steffany Gretzinger

Favourite Foods:

Most things fresh, flavorful and not too oily ranging from Ofada to Italian!

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Brazil & Jamaica joint first place!

Top three books you have read (apart from the bible):

Captivating (John and Stasi Eldredge)
The Start Up Nation (Dan Senor and Saul Singer)
The Final Quest (Rick Joyner)