Blessing Okere

Role: High Life Urban Pastor

Best part of your job:

Finding creative ways of sharing knowledge.


The only true hobbies I have left are probably PS gaming and Scrabble... The other things I thought were hobbies (like performing music and watching football) have taken over my life! he he he...

Best movie of all time:

Now this is a tough one... I can hardly watch any movie twice... I love biopics though. I like italian cinema, indian classics and french movies as well... Yes, I'm that funny guy that'd rather watch a European movie with English subtitles.

Favourite quote and by whom:

'If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek, these things observe with care: to whom you speak, of whom you speak, and how and when and where' - Caroline Ingalls.

Favourite Foods:

Prawns (fried, grilled, sauteed, battered...etc, anyhow), Rice and beans, with ofada sauce, Eba and Egusi soup.
As you probably guessed, I do not consider them all as one meal (smile).

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Based on my travel history: London.
Based on my dreams: Havana.
Based on my imagination: Rio de Janeiro.

Top three books you have ever read (apart from the bible):

Purpose Driven Church - Rick Warren, 2nd Class Citizen - Buchi Emecheta, Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell