Chioma Okere

Chioma Okere

Children's Church

Best part of your job:

Best part of your job: Sharing God's word with the children in simple and practical ways. Getting to experience the innocence and simplicity of children and I get to loosen up and "be" like a child again.


I love to watch football (especially when my team is winning), reading crime/detective novels.

Best movie of all time:


Favourite quote and by whom:

"Hard work won't kill you, it will make you stronger - by my mother"

Favourite Foods:

Banana & groundnut.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Any place quiet and peaceful

Top three books you have ever read (apart from the bible):

1. David & Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell),
2. Aim High (Dave Johnson),
3. John Grisham books (can't really pick one)