Parousia 2018

About Parousia 

Parousia is not a conference or is a school.  A school of the Spirit where you will learn by precept and example how to function as the spiritual person you were created to be and develop an intimate walk with the Person of the Holy Spirit. 

Parousia is the greek word for ‘Presence’ and it is used typically to signify the Day of the Lord at His Second coming when we will see Him face to face. However, before that day He has not left us orphans but has come to us in the person of His divine Spirit. This is the day of His Presence. This is the beginning of that Day of the Lord. 

Parousia 2018 will hold from:

Thursday the 18th to Saturday the 20th of January. Three sessions will hold daily at these times: 10am-12pm | 1pm-3pm | 6:30pm-9pm and Sunday the 21st. Service starts by 10am at High Life Church,

Spicery Hotel, Plot 40, Mabogunje Street off New Market Road, Oniru.