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Aug 26, 2018

I Am Peculiar

I Am Peculiar

Passage: Titus 2:14

Speaker: Pastor Segun wiliams

Keywords: attitude, barren, beauty, belong, bible, center, christ, circle, connect, different, document, dot, favor, flock, good, grace, historical, legacy, mistake, pearl, peculiar, pedigree, possession, precious, priesthood, scriptures, seed, strange, unique, will, works, worship

In modern day parlance, peculiarity is deemed to be the quality of standing out, being different, out of the ordinary and in extreme cases, strange. However, as Christians, to function in and understand the actual terms of our peculiarity, we must see the big picture of our being God’s prized possession, who belong totally to Him, fashioned to carry out good works and operate under the ambits of His will.