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Aug 12, 2018

The Place Of Intimacy

The Place Of Intimacy

Passage: Psalm 91:1-2

Speaker: Pastor Kehinde Ejiogu

Category: Love

Keywords: abide, behold, blood, children, communion, desire, drunk, dwell, fellowship, hunger, intimacy, life, lord, pastor, pray, presence, profit, seek, self, sons, spirit, spouse, submerge, tarry, thirsty, trust, union, visit, overshadow, quicken

In the fast paced, microwave setup and speed infested 21st century lifestyle, the Christian experience has suffered many a setback and intimacy with the Lord has taken a back seat. However, God is calling us to be people satisfied with nothing but the wine of His presence. The church, as the bride of Christ must come into deep fellowship and communion with the Lord, her lover, such that the fullness of that intimacy will take us beyond the realm of religion.